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7 Legal Tips for Summer Travel

Travel TipsImportant legal issues are often forgotten during the frenzy of summer travel plans. Whether you are driving, flying or taking a cruise these tips can help you be prepared for the unexpected.

1. Read the fine print in any contract or agreement you sign. Package tours, vacation home leases, auto rental agreements and travel insurance documents all require you to sign a complex legal document. The fine print often limits the liability of the other party and selects a jurisdiction should legal action become necessary. Some travel packages or rental agreements may involve large sums of money and non-refundable deposits. Contact our office for any assistance in understanding these types of documents; we would be happy to review them with you. …Read more

What Can Be Done About a Criminal Record?

True of FalseHow can I clean up my record? Can my criminal record be expunged?

A criminal conviction can stand in the way of school admissions, job prospects, jury participation, and the ability to carry or own a firearm, to name just a few of the ramifications of having your record tarnished. Allow us to clear up a few misconceptions about your “permanent record”, and how to clean it up, if possible. …Read more

It’s A New Year for Giving Back

Law Offices of James FloodDuring this new year many people will look for ways to give back to their community and local organizations. Many non-profits, communities and organizations rely on the support of people, volunteers and the actual donations of goods in addition to a monetary donation. Here are ideas for 4 alternative ways to give back in lieu of a cash donation.


So many non-profit organizations rely on the help of volunteers to keep their doors open each year. If there is an organization you are passionate about …Read more

Ramifications of Fighting at School

Ramifications of Fighting at SchoolWith increasing violence reported during and after school all over the country, Montgomery County school districts have begun adopting “zero tolerance” policies with respect to fighting and other dangerous activities that occur on school grounds.

It was once the norm for schoolyard brawls to be handled administratively, meaning detention and suspension were the worst punishments that could be expected for fighting in school. Increasingly, however, schools and
parents are choosing to involve the police and prosecutors in these matters, and that can have long-term ramifications for students involved. It is not at all uncommon now for a fight at school to result in charges being filed in Juvenile Court against any student caught participating in a fight. …Read more

Testing Methods When Arrested for DUI

duiupdateIf the police pull you over and have any reason to suspect that you have been drinking or using drugs (odor of alcohol/marijuana, bloodshot, and slurred speech are the most common indicators), it is a virtual certainty that your evening is ultimately going to end with a police request that you to submit to a chemical test of your blood or breath.

The manner and location of testing is not uniform across all Pennsylvania police departments – depending on the department and the circumstances of the stop, options include blood, urine or breath tests and are determined by the police – generally speaking you do not get to choose. …Read more

Revenge Porn & Sexting

dangers of sextingIt is a bad idea to send compromising pictures and text messages to anyone. This post doesn’t provide enough space to list ALL the reason NOT to do it. If common sense and seemingly endless anecdotal evidence aren’t enough to convince you not to engage in the incredibly short-sighted and ill-advised activity of “sexting”, then perhaps a quick review of relevant law and legal ramifications will do the trick. …Read more

19 Things To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving 2013November is known for “giving thanks,” being thankful and gathering. As we kick off this holiday season let us step back and reflect on what we are thankful for today and this past year. When we asked ourselves, “What and whom am I thankful for?” we came up with this short list (in no particular order!): …Read more

So You Have A Teenage Driver!

Junior Driver's LicenseDo you know the rules for a Junior Driver’s License?

Turning 16 years old often old marks an occasion feared by parents and eagerly anticipated by teenagers – getting a driver’s license. Exciting as it may be, there are a few things you should know about the junior driver’s license in Pennsylvania. Here’s a primer on the regulations and restrictions. …Read more

Can the Police Monitor Your Facebook?

privacyonsocialmediaTrue or False? Undercover police officers must say “yes” if someone asks them if they are police?

FALSE. You should keep reading if you thought it was true.

There’s a popular urban myth that undercover police officers must tell you that they are cops if you ask them directly. …Read more

“Have You Been Drinking?”: KNOW THE ANSWER

Routine traffic stop, pulled over, sobriety check point… what do you do if you have had a drink or two?

NOTE: Let us begin by saying that we do not advocate drinking and driving under any circumstances, but should you choose to have an alcoholic drink, know how to handle a traffic stop.

Traffic Stop and DrinkingIt is illegal to drink while driving, and it is illegal to drive while you are drunk – but the law permits you to drive after drinking alcohol as long as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below .08% and you are not impaired in such a way that you are unable to drive safely.

So if you get pulled over after having a glass of wine and the police officer asks you if you’ve been drinking, …Read more