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PA Expands Vehicle Search Rules

Police search and seizureOn April 29, 2014, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided the case of Commonwealth v. Gary, holding that police officers do not need a search warrant to search a vehicle, as long as they have probable cause to believe that they will find evidence of a crime inside. The decision is based on the idea that a person’s right to privacy is diminished …Read more

Warrantless Search of Cell Phone Now Prohibited

Police search and seizurePolice can no longer search through a person’s cell phone simply because it is in their possession when they are arrested.

The United States Supreme Court recently issued decisions in two cases that limit the scope of searches incident to arrest when it comes to cell phones. …Read more

Search, Seizure, and Suppression in Pennsylvania

Search Seizure SuppressionProsecutors are not permitted to introduce evidence which was obtained after an illegal search and seizure of property. If the court finds that the evidence was obtained illegally, it must suppress the evidence, meaning that the evidence cannot be used against the defendant. The basic thing here is don’t make it overly easy for an officer to obtain illegal evidence on you. Make them do their job, and follow the rules. …Read more