Can the Police Monitor Your Facebook?

privacyonsocialmediaTrue or False? Undercover police officers must say “yes” if someone asks them if they are police?

FALSE. You should keep reading if you thought it was true.

There’s a popular urban myth that undercover police officers must tell you that they are cops if you ask them directly. While this is simply too absurd to be true, it is fun to think that Mafia capos and outlaw biker gangs who have had their entire criminal operations dismantled by years-long undercover police investigations could have avoided their total ruin by asking all new guys, “Hey, are you a cop?”

Police Troll and Monitor Social Networks 24/7

That being said, it’s important to remember that police, attorneys and law enforcement officials all live in the same world that we do, and are aware of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And while they certainly use social media for the same reasons the rest of us do, to keep in touch with family and friends and to connect and share with others, they also haven’t ignored the investigative potential of theses sites. from creating profiles and trying to “friend” to gain access to your “private” online information. Actually there’s nothing preventing anyone from doing this, from law enforcement to scammers to former flings to potential employers. There is little which can be done to verify online identities, so the safest play is to avoid putting anything online you wouldn’t want the whole world to see, regardless of your privacy settings.

Know who is in your network

Don’t be surprised if someone online doesn’t turn out to be who they claim to be, and don’t accept “friend requests” from people you don’t know or grant unknown people permission to view your private information, unless you are OK with anyone, including the police, having unfettered access.

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