Changing Lives; One At A Time

I just had the privilege of changing an 18-year-old man’s life by handing him a check for in excess of $150,000.00. But he did not get away without a long lecture about the responsibility that comes with having that amount of money at such a young age. Hopefully, he will take my advice and be able to point to something in 25 years that he has gained because of this money (not just a memory); it might be a job that he has because of the tuition he spent it on, it might be a house, or it might be a substantial nest egg that has accumulated so that he can retire comfortably. I have promised to help him with career planning, mentoring, and assisting him in finding a path so that he does not NEED this money to get by. I pray he makes better decisions than I would have at his age.

Why was he entitled to this money? He was the front seat passenger in a single vehicle rollover accident. Although he requested to be transported from the scene to a hospital, paramedics felt he was fine. His parents took him to the hospital where he was told that x-rays were negative for any fractured vertebrae in his neck. The next morning his family received a call from the hospital telling them not to let him move, as he had in fact, broken his neck. Thankfully, the failure to diagnose his injuries the night before did not cause an exacerbation of his injury. However, he did require fusion surgery to stabilize his spine. At the end of the day, he is fine. We were able to promptly negotiate a settlement with the insurance company for the entire applicable policy limits.

Should you, a friend, or family member find that you have been injured through the negligence of others, please contact me so that I can help you go to war with the insurance company.

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