Spousal and Child Support

As a part of our family law services, The Law Offices of James W Flood handles all forms of spousal support and child support cases in Southeast Pennsylvania.

We make sure that you and your children are properly cared for in the event of a divorce or separation and we will tirelessly work to see that you receive the proper amount that is owed to you. If you have been sued for support, we will make sure that the amount you are ordered to pay is the amount mandate by state law, and nothing more.

Our Spousal and Child Support Services Include:

  • Tirelessly representing you in court in litigation involving support
  • Fighting for proper alimony payment levels
  • Ensuring that your support obligation is appropriate to ease your financial burden
  • Fighting to ensure that you and your family are properly cared for financially

If you are struggling to meet your bills because of support issuesobligation is not correct, or if you feel that the level of support in your case is unfair, let us help.

Contact The Law Offices of James W Flood at 610-945-9456 for all of your spousal and child support needs.