Child Custody Issues

Child custody cases are some of the most difficult in terms of personal and legal issues. While parents and grandparents look for solutions that will not adversely affect the child, it is the lawyers job to ensure that your rights as a parent or a grandparent are secured. Whether you are looking for full custody, or are trying to set up a partial custody arrangement, you need experienced legal representation to guide you along the way. At The Law Offices of James W Flood, we have over 25 years of experience providing quality legal representation in this most sensitive and important area of the law.

Our Custody Services Include:

  • Aggressive legal representation – we fight hard to protect your relationship with your children or grandchildren
  • Tireless legal representation – we will do everything possible to ensure that you are actively involved in the life of your child or grandchild
  • Negotiating settlements or trying the cases
  • Grandparent’s rights representation

Child custody cases are always difficult. Let the experienced team from The Law Offices of James W Flood guide you through the process and help you receive a positive outcome.

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