Flood Firm Expands

Over the last 27+ years of practicing law, I have been fortunate to build my practice through the loyalty and referrals of friends and former clients. When I opened my own firm in 2010, I was solely dependent upon those relationships and my reputation for hard work.

The plan was to grow the practice by surrounding myself with the best people I could find. I am certain that I have the best paralegal/assistant in Lynne, and I am now pleased and honored to welcome our newest Associate John Aitchison. John brings to the firm a youthful spirit, eagerness to help others, and a courtroom presence honed by his experience in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office. In the few short weeks that John has been on board I have received compliments on his accomplishments from other attorneys, court personnel, and most importantly clients.

I cannot overstate how happy and lucky we are to have added John Aitchison to our roster.

When you meet him, you will understand why.

John Aitchison Family

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