Guilty by Association

Teens_guilty_by_association_borderAs a parent it is important you educate your teens on what they could get in trouble for even when they were simply present, but not participating in drinking, drugs or direct sexting. Here are 4 examples of what your teenager might experience in any given weekend:



  • underage drinking at a party
  • sexting
  • texting
  • incriminating social media photos

With the advent of social media and real time documentation it can be difficult to argue a case when the evidence is in the photographs. Telling your child not to drink or do drugs is a given but what happens when a party is busted and there are public photos that your child is in – can they be charged or punished?

The short answer is yes!

Ramifications of Guilty by Association:

Let’s take this one step further with our teens before the weekend festivities begin. Let us remind them, or make them aware, that just being present at a party is enough cause for possible ramifications of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, making a bad decision. Being in a photo or video that places them at a party whether they were participating or not can lead to charges such as:.

  • Academic Probation
  • Expulsion
  • Criminal Charges
  • Juvenile Record

Believe it or not this does happen in our own backyards and has been for as long as kids have been kids. Here are just a few stories that have made local headlines in the last 10 years … talk to you teens, share the local stories and help them make smart decisions.


If you have a child that has received a citation, ticket or arrest for underage drinking contact us to discuss your next legal move.

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