It’s A New Year for Giving Back

Law Offices of James FloodDuring this new year many people will look for ways to give back to their community and local organizations. Many non-profits, communities and organizations rely on the support of people, volunteers and the actual donations of goods in addition to a monetary donation. Here are ideas for 4 alternative ways to give back in lieu of a cash donation.


So many non-profit organizations rely on the help of volunteers to keep their doors open each year. If there is an organization you are passionate about you can ask them about volunteer opportunities or slow times they have throughout the year.

It is never too late to start a tradition of volunteering as a family to an organization. Your time is valuable and it is a great way to give back!


Everyone is good at something! What are you good at… fundraising, organizing, decorating, computers or ideas? This is a great way to not only donate your time but also your talents for a good cause.


There are many non-profits where you can donate your ‘in good condition’ household goods that will support the organization. Many of the registered nonprofits will provide a tax deductible receipt to share with your accountant for your donation. Next time you are upgrading, skip the trash and call your favorite non-profit… several will arrange free pick up!


Food pantries run low all year but especially during the holiday season. Instead of letting extra food in your cupboard expire consider packing it up and send it over to your local food bank.

There are so many ways to give back these are just 4 ideas to get you started.

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