Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Parent’s Edition

Colorful medicins (tablets and capsules)Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll… no I am not referencing the 60’s – I am talking about your children. The necessary but awkward conversation all parents want to have with their children – Sex, Drugs, Drinking and Driving, Responsible Decisions and Bullying.

The struggle is how and when to have the ‘talk.’ Many parents dread the day they have to have any of the above talks with their children. Worse case is when a parent assumes their child is smart and knows not to do things that are illegal or wrong and never have the talk.

There are many organizations that help parents have the ‘talk’ offering suggestions, tips, examples and ways to approach a topic.

We are advocate for parents to have the talk NOW, not tomorrow, not next week or year but now. We encourage parents to take the first step today before it is too late and your child is in a situation where they do not know what to do and they make the wrong choice that might cost them their lives.

A wise phase or in this case what might seem to be a cliche, but the perfect saying, “better safe then sorry.” For the sake of our children and young adults, let’s keep them safe!

As a parent of two teenagers, I am happy to answer your questions regarding your teen in trouble. If applicable, let us know and we can help you with the legal questions.

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