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Mandatory Driver’s License Suspension to End In Some Cases


Ending a decades long practice of suspending driver’s licenses, Pennsylvania will soon eliminate driver’s license suspensions for some drug crimes that are unrelated to driving. More details can be found here. Contact the office for clarification and to discuss your situation.




Changing Lives; One At A Time

I just had the privilege of changing an 18-year-old man’s life by handing him a check for in excess of $150,000.00. …Read more

Supreme Court Permits Expert Testimony Regarding Eyewitness Testimony

imageOne of the most difficult aspects of trial practice is that eyewitness testimony, considered by many to be the evidentiary “gold-standard,” is actually one of the least reliable forms of proof we deal with in a courtroom.

Studies confirm these common issues with eyewitness testimony: …Read more

So You Have A Teenage Driver!

Junior Driver's LicenseDo you know the rules for a Junior Driver’s License?

Turning 16 years old often old marks an occasion feared by parents and eagerly anticipated by teenagers – getting a driver’s license. Exciting as it may be, there are a few things you should know about the junior driver’s license in Pennsylvania. Here’s a primer on the regulations and restrictions. …Read more

Underage Drinking and Driving, a Deadly Combination

Underage Drinking and DrivingOn June 12, 2012, I sat through a guilty plea and sentencing. I can’t tell you how many thousands of these I have seen in my career. But this one was different. I wish I could mandate that every high school student sit through what I sat through. I was sitting with my clients, the parents of a 19 year old Montgomery County PA boy that was killed in a DUI accident. …Read more