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Mandatory Driver’s License Suspension to End In Some Cases


Ending a decades long practice of suspending driver’s licenses, Pennsylvania will soon eliminate driver’s license suspensions for some drug crimes that are unrelated to driving. More details can be found here. Contact the office for clarification and to discuss your situation.




What is Synthetic Marijuana? IS IT LEGAL?

Source: Wikipedia

It’s often sold from behind the counter at gas stations and convenience stores as “incense”. You’ll probably see it labeled as “K2”, “Spice”, or “Kush”. Kids look to it as an alternative to marijuana, thinking that they’re getting high legally or via a safe alternative to marijuana. In fact, they’re getting neither.

Synthetic marijuana is extremely dangerous. It is most commonly made in bathtubs, basements and unlicensed laboratories in third world countries by treating compost (plant matter and other vegetation) with various chemicals. There are obviously no quality controls or manufacturing standards when this stuff is made, so no one who is buying or smoking it has a clue what is actually in it or what kind of reaction it will cause. …Read more


Skittle PartyCould your medicine cabinet be contributing to the next party?

Kids are increasingly skipping the traditional illicit substances used by previous generations to get high, and instead are turning to what they find by rummaging through their parents medicine cabinet. Painkillers like Vicodin and Percocet, stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall, anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax and Zoloft – all are being abused by teens in record numbers all over the throughout country. Right here in Montgomery County, police and prosecutors are trying to combat “pharm parties” or “skittle parties” as they are often referred as, where teens bring whatever prescription medications they have in their homes to a gathering, toss them in a big bowl like candy and share them with others, who take them without knowledge or concern over the type or amount of drugs they are ingesting, their intended dosages or recipients, or the effects they have on the body.

Several staggering statistics recently reported from surveys by both The Partnership at and Health Day News: …Read more