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New Changes to Pennsylvania DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Law

On May 8, 2012, a new section was added to the Pennsylvania DUI Law. The
new section will become effective on July 6, 2012. As most people know, DUI Laws in
Pennsylvania are based upon a graduated penalty system. Under this system, the penalties
increase based upon the number of prior DUI’s and the level of alcohol or amount of drugs
found in the driver’s blood. This month the Legislature has increased the penalties based
upon another factor: the age of an occupant in the vehicle. …Read more

Search, Seizure, and Suppression in Pennsylvania

Search Seizure SuppressionProsecutors are not permitted to introduce evidence which was obtained after an illegal search and seizure of property. If the court finds that the evidence was obtained illegally, it must suppress the evidence, meaning that the evidence cannot be used against the defendant. The basic thing here is don’t make it overly easy for an officer to obtain illegal evidence on you. Make them do their job, and follow the rules. …Read more

You Have the Right to Remain Silent… or do you?

Know the LawWe have all heard that we have “the right to remain silent.” But when do we have the right to remain silent and what does that mean? The right to remain silent
attaches at the time of an investigative detention or arrest. …Read more

Underage Drinking and Driving, a Deadly Combination

Underage Drinking and DrivingOn June 12, 2012, I sat through a guilty plea and sentencing. I can’t tell you how many thousands of these I have seen in my career. But this one was different. I wish I could mandate that every high school student sit through what I sat through. I was sitting with my clients, the parents of a 19 year old Montgomery County PA boy that was killed in a DUI accident. …Read more

The Sandusky Case: Raw Emotion vs. Rule of Law

Few cases have evoked as much emotion as the Jerry Sandusky sexual assault case. The Montgomery County Area is so entwined with Penn State football that no one wants to think of young boys being lured into the football facilities by a coach with the predetermined goal of sexually assaulting them. No one can imagine a plan involving such depraved activity being so closely connected with an iconic, lovable, legend like Joe Paterno. But that is what this case is all about. As the trial begins the courts are being asked to put raw emotions aside and follow the rule of law. …Read more