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Signed Medical Authorization for College Students – A MUST

Why parents should have a Signed Medical Authorization form for their college students?

College Medical Authorization FormWith back to school season drawing to a close, parents should consider an often overlooked issue involving their adult children. If your child is an adult, you may not be able to get information regarding Health Care issues without the proper medical authorization. Once a child reaches the age of 18, he or she must consent to the release of any medical information to any other person; this includes parents. HIPPA laws are very restrictive in defining what information can be disclosed by medical providers.

In the event that your child is injured and unable to communicate, you may not be able to get access to him or her without the proper medical authorization. …Read more

Legal Questions Every Startup Must Consider

gray jigsaw puzzles with one red pieceBuilding a successful business takes more than just a great idea or business plan. Making informed decisions during the startup process is key to initiating your business plan. Below are 5 questions you should ask yourself and understand your options. For the best advice and guidance on the topics and subject matter we strongly recommend you contact an attorney that can assist in weighing the pros and cons of your options.

What type of business entity should you form? – There are several options, …Read more

7 Must Have Documents for Senior Citizens

Documents for SeniorsDo you have parents that are senior citizens, retired or aging with declined health? What about healthy active parents or yourself? It is never too early to have your wishes in writing for that ‘just in case’ moment. Here is a list of 7 documents every senior citizen should have and provide the contact information of the attorney that has the information on file.

Start by having your attorney prepare the following documents: …Read more