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The Affect Of ASHLEY-MADISON Customer Release On Divorce Cases In Pennsylvania

photodune-2399663-divorce-xsAshley-Madison is an online dating/social networking service that markets specifically to married individuals or those in a committed relationship. The site has more than 124 million visitors each month. On July 15, 2015, the site was hacked and customer data, including names, home addresses, sexual fantasy information, and credit card information, was stolen. The first round of customer names was released on July 15, 2015; several other releases followed. It appears approximately 39 million users have had their information and identities compromised.

How will this breach of Ashley Madison information effect divorces in Pennsylvania? …Read more

Guilty by Association

Teens_guilty_by_association_borderAs a parent it is important you educate your teens on what they could get in trouble for even when they were simply present, but not participating in drinking, drugs or direct sexting. Here are 4 examples of what your teenager might experience in any given weekend: …Read more

Revenge Porn & Sexting

dangers of sextingIt is a bad idea to send compromising pictures and text messages to anyone. This post doesn’t provide enough space to list ALL the reason NOT to do it. If common sense and seemingly endless anecdotal evidence aren’t enough to convince you not to engage in the incredibly short-sighted and ill-advised activity of “sexting”, then perhaps a quick review of relevant law and legal ramifications will do the trick. …Read more

Can the Police Monitor Your Facebook?

privacyonsocialmediaTrue or False? Undercover police officers must say “yes” if someone asks them if they are police?

FALSE. You should keep reading if you thought it was true.

There’s a popular urban myth that undercover police officers must tell you that they are cops if you ask them directly. …Read more

6 Tips for Safe Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday EditedBeware of the Scam. This year the biggest online shopping day of the year, falls on December 2nd. Follow these six tips to ensure you are able to focus on holiday gifts rather than legal disputes with online retailers. …Read more

Social Media & Litigation

facebook warningCommon sense tells us to never put things on social media that we wouldn’t want the whole world to see. Even if you understand and engage the privacy settings, there’s no guarantee that the photos, videos, or other material that you’ve uploaded and intended for the private viewing of selected friends and family won’t eventually make its way into the public domain.

Prescott v. Willis – Auto Accident Victim with Facebook Photos

Consider the case of Prescott v. Willis. …Read more