The Sandusky Case: Raw Emotion vs. Rule of Law

Few cases have evoked as much emotion as the Jerry Sandusky sexual assault case. The Montgomery County Area is so entwined with Penn State football that no one wants to think of young boys being lured into the football facilities by a coach with the predetermined goal of sexually assaulting them. No one can imagine a plan involving such depraved activity being so closely connected with an iconic, lovable, legend like Joe Paterno. But that is what this case is all about. As the trial begins the courts are being asked to put raw emotions aside and follow the rule of law.

Sex cases are often the most emotional case brought before the criminal courts. Our society finds these
cases to be the most appalling.
When the victims are children, we become even more willing to ignore the rights of the accused. Our courts take extraordinary steps to
protect the victim from exposure of their past sexual activity, the media protects their identity, and most of society prejudges the case. But our system of justice has at its foundation a presumption of innocence.

It is difficult to see the fairness in the Sandusky case when a judge orders that the defense can access the school records of the child accusers. I hear people speak of the cost to the state of trying this case when the outcome is a foregone conclusion. But the more heinous the alleged crime, the more important it is that our system safeguard the rights of the accused.

As a criminal defense attorney I am called upon to defend some of the least sympathetic members of our society, and I do so with great pride. If our system only provides competent attorneys to those accused of crimes that don’t appall us, then our system of justice has failed.

I am proud to defend people that society would rather steamroll and bury under the jails. It has often been said “It is better to let 100 guilty men go free than to incarcerate 1 innocent man”. I am a firm believer that every person accused of any crime is entitled to a vigorous defense. I provide such a defense for my clients every day, and do so with pride. If you find yourself accused of a crime, I would be happy to discuss all possible defense strategies.

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