What is Synthetic Marijuana? IS IT LEGAL?

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It’s often sold from behind the counter at gas stations and convenience stores as “incense”. You’ll probably see it labeled as “K2”, “Spice”, or “Kush”. Kids look to it as an alternative to marijuana, thinking that they’re getting high legally or via a safe alternative to marijuana. In fact, they’re getting neither.

Synthetic marijuana is extremely dangerous. It is most commonly made in bathtubs, basements and unlicensed laboratories in third world countries by treating compost (plant matter and other vegetation) with various chemicals. There are obviously no quality controls or manufacturing standards when this stuff is made, so no one who is buying or smoking it has a clue what is actually in it or what kind of reaction it will cause.

In fact, the production of synthetic marijuana is so varied that multiple packages of the same brand can contain entirely different chemicals. Instead of inducing a “predictable” high, their use has been linked to numerous fatalities and an assortment of ill effects including (among other things) convulsions, burning and scarring of the lungs and throat, heart attacks, strokes and psychosis.

Synthetic marijuana is not only dangerous, it is illegal. Pennsylvania has criminalized the possession and sale of “synthetic cannabinoids” (any substances that mimic the effects of marijuana). In fact, synthetic marijuana is dealt with more harshly by the law than “natural” marijuana. While possession of marijuana for personal use generally carries a maximum sentence of 30 days incarceration, possession of the synthetic version is punishable by up to one year in jail (which jumps to three years for a second or subsequent offense).

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Take a moment to educate your children and family about the dangers of synthetic marijuana for their health and potential criminal offences. Questions let us know, 610-945-9456.

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